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Do you spank male models?

Sorry, but Punished Brats features only females being spanked.


I've never been spanked before or have only been playfully smacked on the butt a few times.

That's ok. Previous experience is not required, just a good willing attitude to try. We will work with you and not exceed your tolerance level.


How much nudity required?

A bare bottom is s a minimum. Other levels of undress can be discussed at time of booking.


Is any sex involved?

No! We do not do anything other than spanking. No sex and no sexually suggestive scenes.


How hard will I be spanked? Will I be marked?

The spankings are genuine and will hurt. You may experience some typical redness and superficial bruising, but nothing that would be unsafe. All models must be willing to take spankings on the bare bottom as well as over clothes and with implements as well as the hand.


Who administers the spankings?

We have several very skilled and experienced spankers, both males and females, that work with us. All spankers are very professional and respectful of the individual model's limits.


What if the spanking hurts more than I expect and I want to stop?

We always use a safeword - a word that you are given prior to beginning the scene that you can use at any time to immediately stop the spanking and give you a brief recovery period. However, the scene will be completed after this rest.


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