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Spanking In The Modern Age

Spanking In The Modern Age

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Running time: 47 minutes

Amber Pixie Wells
Sierra Salem
David Pierson

Spanking 1956
Spanking 1956
Spanking 1969
Spanking 1969
Spanking 1977
Spanking 1977

Spanking In The Modern Age

1. Spanking 1956
Starring Pixie and David Pierson

Pixie, projecting a perfect Sandra Dee innocence, stars in this drama about a young lady who arrives home two hours after her curfew. She noted that she was at the malt shop with her boyfriend and lost track of time. Her distressed guardian worries that her reputation will be sullied if she continues to stay out until all hours of the night. When he feels that the bratty blonde is not taking his concerns seriously he gives her a hard, bare-bottom spanking by hand and hairbrush. The following day it is learned that Pixie was at the local lover’s lane and not the malt shop as she had claimed the night before. Pixie’s guardian determined that his charge will learn the error of her ways, gives her the spanking of her life. Pixie is spanked be hand, oak paddle and razor strap

Warning: Very intense spanking

2. Spanking 1969: She Protests
Starring Sierra Salem & David Pierson

After disappearing for three days to protest the war, Hippie chick Sierra returns home to find her guardian most unhappy with her. He confronts his naughty charge about her behavior. When young Sierra asserts that her guardian has no power over her, the young flower child finds herself over his knee. Sierra is given a sound spanking by hand and hairbrush.

3. Spanking 1977: The Decline of Western Civilization - The Punk Years
Starring Genesis & David Pierson

After a night of slam dancing, punk rocker Genesis is confronted by her guardian about coming in at 5am. After proclaiming her allegiance to the cause of chaos and respecting no authority, Genesis is taken in hand and over the lap of her guardian. She is spanked hard by hand and hairbrush until she agrees to be a good girl.

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