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Girl Trouble

Girl Trouble 2

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Running Time: 38 minutes

Beverly Bacci
Sarah Jane Ceylon
Janine Bleu
Amber Pixie Wells

John Ryan
David Pierson



Girl Trouble 2

Because you demanded it, the creative team at Punished Brats brings you the second installment in the Girl Trouble series. There are five scenes of hard-hitting spanking action for you to enjoy. True to our motto, you will see spoiled brats get the spankings they deserve.

1. Rent-A-Mom

Concerned parents have sent Ms. Susan from the Rent-A-Mom agency to discipline their daughter while away at college. Despite Beverly's claims that she hasn't been partying too much and is doing well in school, Ms. Susan is compelled to give the spanking she's been hired to dish out. But when Bev's party-girl roommate Sarah walks in on them, Ms. Susan realizes she's just spanked the wrong girl. To try to make things right, Ms. Susan decides to spank Sarah even harder than Beverly.

2. Next Semester

Janine and Pixie have big plans for when they go back to college - and none of them have to do with classes! But when their guardian, David, catches wind of this plan, he uses a strap to give these girls a reminder to buckle down and study hard.

3. Skipping School 2

In Skipping School 1 (featured in Girl Trouble), Beverly couldn't help but listen in as her friend Krissi was soundly spanked by her step-mom for ditching classes to smoke cigarettes and hang out with boys. Bev could hardly believe that a highschool girl would still be spanked at home. So imagine her surprise when her own parents send her back over to Krissi's house to receive the same punishment as her best friend.

4. Stairway Affair

Sophia has lost her keys and locked herself and her boyfriend John out of their apartment yet again. While they wait for Sophia's sister to come by with the spare set of keys, John decides to pass the time teaching Sophia a lesson on responsibility.

5. Sore Winners

When three members of the Blue Jays soccer team show unsportsmanlike conduct on the field, Coach Ryan is quick to teach the girls they must pay for their actions. Not even winning the state championship can save these girls from the coach's paddle.

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