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Girl Trouble 3

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Running Time: 44 minutes

Beverly Bacci
Chelsea Pfeiffer
David Pierson


Girl Trouble 3

Girl Trouble 3 features some of our newest cast members. Juliet, Beverly, Vanessa, Holly, and Emma get their backsides warmed and bratty attitudes put in check by Veronica, Chelsea Pfeiffer, David Pierson, Ian, and Susan.

1. Singing Black and Blues

Pop diva Juliet's partying and bad attitude have gotten her in deep trouble. Facing a lawsuit and the threat of being dropped by her record label, she agrees to move back in with her mom Veronica and accept her long overdue discipline.

2. Operation Stepmom

Beverly is conducting an experiment for her social studies class to find out what it takes to push her easygoing stepmom Chelsea to punish her. When Chelsea is pushed to the limit, Beverly gets a lot more than she bargained for.

3. Bratty Bride

Bride-to-be Vanessa is out of control with her demands of the caterer, the florist, her bridal party, even her fiance. When she won't listen to her father's reasoning, Vanessa finds out that bride or not, she's not too old to go over her father's knee.

4. Spanking Instructions

When other forms of punishment have failed to change Holly's behavior, Ian decides to try spanking her. He's downloaded instructions from the internet and is ready to give it a go. Unfortunately for Holly's bottom, Ian is a natural.

5. Aunt Susan

Emma is dangerously close to being kicked out of school and the principal has called her Aunt Susan in to discuss the matter. When it's suggested Susan lend a hand in Emma's correction, she sees to it literally leaving Emma with a sore red bottom.

6. Hawaii or Bust

Ian and Veronica were all set to take the girls on a family vacation in Hawaii, but Beverly and Vanessa's recent behavior have them reconsidering it. With only a few hours left before the plane takes off, the girls must either submit to well deserved spankings or be left behind with their least favorite aunt.

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