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Spanking Pixie Vol. 2

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Running Time: 45 minutes


Amber Pixie Wells
Beverly Bacci
David Pierson


Spanking Pixie Vol. 2

Spanking Pixie Vol. 2 features Amber Pixie Wells at her brattiest. See her spanked by hand, hairbrush, paddle, and cane until her bottom is glowing red. But she proves that no matter how often she is spanked, you just can't keep a good ... or bad brat down.

1. Amber's Letters

Amber Pixie Wells takes several story ideas submitted by members and tosses them in the air vowing the one she picks up first will be her next project. But when some of the pages stick together, Pixie's project takes a few unexpected twists and turns. See Pixie caned as a foreign exchange student, spanked as a cheerleader, and then given the hairbrush in her tropical blue bikini.

2. Sibling Rivalry

Holly and Pixie are two sisters that never learned to share. When the girls get into a wrestling match over a shirt, their mom Susan attempts to restore order by giving each one a hard hairbrush spanking.

3. Super Bratty Party

It's Pixie's party and she'll cry if she wants to! And with good reason. After pitching a huge fit when things don't go her way, her mom Veronica gives this brat much more than a friendly birthday spanking.

4. Anatomy Of A Spanking

Pixie's Aunt Susan lets her stay with her for free, but in doing so, she's expected to follow the rules of the house. When she once again violates curfew, Pixie takes the viewer on her analysis of the situation and her (unsuccesful) step-by-step plan to get out of a spanking.

5. Tall Tales

Pixie was caught text messaging in Ms. V's class again and ordered to report straight to Headmaster Pierson's office. When her best friend Beverly wants to hear all the details about her punishment, Pixie tries to pass off a few tall tales as truths about the encounter before finally admitting she received a bare bottom paddling.

6. House Call

Pixie thought playing sick was a great way to get out of school and enjoy the day lounging in bed being waited on. But she never expected Dr. Veronica to make a house call armed with a large syringe and a hard right hand ready to call her bluff.


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