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Girl Trouble 5 - Red Bottom Resolutions

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Running Time: 38 minutes


Amber Pixie Wells
Andy San Dimas
Beverly Bacci
Charlie Skye
Sarah Gregory
Veronica Bound
Veronica Daniels
George Richards

David Pierson




Girl Trouble 5 - Red Bottom Resolutions

1. Lonelybrat 20

Video blogger Pixie shares with her audience the fact that her mom has once again threatened to spank her. She laughs at the idea since her mom has yet to follow through, and so she's not a bit worried. But when her mom Veronica Daniels walks in, hairbrush in hand and pulls her over the knee before she even has a chance to shut off her webcam, Pixie realizes she's in big trouble ... and is about to give her blog audience an update they won't soon forget.

2. Sassy Sophomore

College girl Sarah has returned to school, but not to classes. She's been too busy partying to do much in the way of studying. When Veronica is informed by Sarah's academic advisor of what's going on, she pays a surprise on campus visit to straighten her daughter out.

3. Spanking of the Week

In what's sure to be a top ratings hit, mom Susan and daughter Beverly square off on the television show Spanking of the Week. Susan has had it with her daughter's behavior while Beverly continues to do everything she can to push her mom's buttons. As your hosts David Pierson and Amber Wells provide the color commentary and interviews with the combatents, watch Susan and Beverly battle it out to the end.

4. Cool Teacher

Andy has been instructed by the principal to select the faculty member of her choice to administer her spanking. She chose Mr. Richards who is known as the "cool teacher" on campus thinking he'd agree to cover for her. But as Mr. Richards is up for tenure and would much rather spank a deserving brat than risk losing his job, he quickly orders Andy over his knee.

5. Got To Have Faith

Charlie's mom Veronica has just found out that her daughter has been skipping church to hang out at the local diner and used the money she was given for the collection plate to purchase the Mega-breakfast Deal. Veronica decides the saying "spare the rod, spoil the child" is true and gives Charlie a lesson she won't forget.

6. Psychobabble

Jessica's dad, David Pierson, is a famed psychotherapist and so whenever she misbehaves, she is given a long drawn out technical explanation of why she acts the way she does. Finally, Jessica can't stand a minute more of the lectures and wishes she could just get punished like her friends do. David agrees to this approach and decides to see if a good old fashioned spanking is the proper treatment in his daughter's case.


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