Punished Brats
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Running Time: 46 minutes


Amber Pixie Wells
Andy San Dimas
Morgan Mae
Chloe Elise
Sarah Gregory
Juliet Valentina
Clare Fonda


Featuring six F/f tales of naughty school brats.

1. Genius Trouble

Pixie may think she knows more than her math teacher, but that doesn't give her the right to be disruptive and try to take over teaching the class. When she's sent to the principal's office, Veronica sees to it that this genius' bottom smarts.

2. Gossip

Juliet is the biggest gossip in school. She spreads rumors left and right and has left lots of unhappy people in her wake. When her mom Clare gets another call from a parent with a distraught daughter devastated by Juliet's gossip, Clare decides she has to have a firm discussion about gossiping.

3. Cool Kids

Morgan so desparately wanted to be one of the cool kids at school that she pulled off an amazing prank. The trick may have won her favor with her fellow students, but not with the school officials and certainly not with her mom, Veronica. Now her mom is going to make sure this cool kid has one hot bottom.

4. Unexcused Absences

Sarah has been cutting classes and goofing off trying to impress a boy. Principal Veronica won't tolerate such behavior from one of her best students and decides a lesson in corporal punishment is necessary to teach Sarah that playing dumb is never a very smart idea.

5. Sister In Charge

After the loss of their mother, Holly is in charge of her younger siters, Andy. Holly realizes that shes been letting Andy off to lightly and will not stop spanking her until she agrees to go to school, clean up around the house, and be more responsible with her money.

6.Playing Hooky (a member requested scene)

Cousins Pixie and Chloe skipped school and snuck back home to watch movies. But their moms, Veronica and M, returned home from shopping early and caught the two truant brats. When individual hand spankings prove not to be enough to change these girls' attitudes, it's back OTK for a good dose of the hairbrush for each of them.


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