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Girl Trouble 6 - Fresh Faces

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Running Time: 43 minutes


Anna Evans
Veronica Bound
Erica Corvina
Chelsea Pfeiffer
Lilly Page
Helen Lei
Holly Dey
Morgan Mae
David Pierson
Callisto St. Clair

Girl Trouble 6 - Fresh Faces

These girls next door are causing big trouble in the neighborhood. See the newest brats on the block get the spankings they truly deserve.

1. Lost In The Woods

Anna took off for a walk in the woods at night for the simple reason that her mom told her not to. After getting so lost that she had to be rescued by a search team, her mom Veronica is determined to give her daughter a spanking to remember.

2. Petty Cash

Erica has been caught helping herself to a little extra money from the petty cash fund at the law office of Chelsea Pfeiffer, Esq. Despite throwing herself on the mercy of the court, her boss is standing firm and will show Erica first hand how she feels about stealing.

3. How To Video

Fed up with her daughter's behavior, Susan has purchased David Pierson's helpful step-by-step video on how to give a well deserved spanking. Following David's instructions, Susan takes Lilly over her knee and spanks her bottom to a glowing pink.

4. Dorm Discipline

Dormmates, Helen and Morgan have been at each other's throats. They decide to take their lengthy complaints about one another to their resident advisor, Holly, demanding that she resolve the problem. Much to both Helen and Morgan's surprise, Holly decides they both are in sore need of some old fasioned discipline.

5. Demerit System

Callisto knew her behavior needed improvement and thought that being held accountable using a demerit system would provide the necessary motivation. But by the end of the week, she's racked up such big numbers that she's earned a major spanking from Uncle David.



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