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Girl Trouble 8

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Running Time: 40 minutes


Amber Pixie Wells
Erica Corvina
Chloe Elise
Beverly Bacci
Morgan Mae
Charlie Skye
Veronica Bound
David Pierson
Paul Wilson




Girl Trouble 8 - Painful Lessons

1. I Made It

Pixie agreed to be on a reality TV show about becoming a cheerleader but wants to back out halfway through her training. Her coach, Veronica, isn't about let her quit and embarrass her on national TV and paddles Pixie until she feels more than motivated to continue.

2. Office Decorum

Erica used the office to throw a huge party over the weekend and left the building trashed. Her boss, Veronica, is upset over her irresponsible choices, but has spent far too much time and money on training to fire her. Instead, Veronica opts to spank Erica with a wooden paddle as a form of office discipline.

3. Patience/Football Folly

Chloe is tired of waiting for David to drive her to the mall and tries to hurry him along by disconnecting the cable so he can't watch TV. When he discovers what caused the interruption of his football game, he bends her over the armchair and paddles her bratty bottom.

4. Prepare For Spanking

When Beverly breaks curfew yet again, Veronica orders her to her room to prepare for a spanking. Dressed in only her bra and panties, Beverly awaits her punishment with the dreaded strap.

5. Hey Mr. Pierson

Morgan is the menace of the neighborhood and Mr. Pierson has had enough of the girl's mischief. When he discovers that Morgan purposely broke his window, he uses a leather paddle to get to the seat of the problem.

6. Put The Strap Down

Charlie Skye was caught trying to buy alcohol underage again. Her dad, Paul Wilson, has decided her punishment is a bottom burning strapping and there is no talking her way out of it this time.

Bonus scene: Pixie and David Pierson in Anxiety of a Girl Waiting.

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