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Girl Trouble 9

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Running Time: 43 minutes


Nyssa Nevers
Tina Tink
Sarah Gregory
Beverly Bacci
Lilly Page
Veronica Bound
Charlie Skye
Rad Finch
David Pierson




Girl Trouble 9 - Variety Show

1. Computer Virus

When the IT department determines Nyssa was the cause of the malicious computer virus being spread throughout the company, her boss Beverly informs her the warnings are done and gives her a red hot OTK spanking.

2. Five More Minutes

Sarah refuses to get out of bed despite her mother’s repeated warnings. Fed up, Susan drags her out of bed and uses the strap to give her a wake up call she won’t forget.

3. Cheer Camp

Bronte skipped summer cheer practice to visit the boys' football camp. When Veronica catches her trying to sneak back, she paddles Bronte's bottom until it's as red as her uniform.

4. Wrong Street

Lilly’s carelessness at the office have led to a costly error at her uncle's construction company. Rad refuses to tolerate such behavior from any of his employees, even his favorite niece. Lilly is given a hard hand spanking that will make it difficult to sit at her desk for the next week.

5. Plea Bargain

Charlie is caught by her parole officer, David, having dismantled her house arrest anklet to sneak out for a night on the town. But there is no way for this naughty criminal to sneak out of her spanking!

6. Teachable Moment

Tina is in the middle of making an instructional video on cheating when she's caught by her mom. Veronica then uses the opportunity to broadcast how naughty girls get paddled.


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