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Spanking Pixie 4

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Running Time: 43 minutes


Amber Pixie Wells
Veronica Bound
David Pierson
Beverly Bacci
Rad Finch
Ms. Susan




Spanking Pixie 4

1. Tennis Trouble

Pixie pitches a fit when she finds out she has been disqualified from the tennis tournament, but she crosses the line when she throws a water bottle at her coach, Rad. Rad takes the spoiled brat over his knee for a hard hand spanking.

2. Summer Job

Pixie is supposed to have been looking for a summer job, but David catches her in a lie when she claims to have gone on an interview that morning. David gives her a hot bottomed incentive to find employment fast.

3. Bath Brush

Pixie is caught skipping school in favor of a day at the beach. Veronica gives the naughty truant a serious spanking on the bare bottom with the heavy bath brush.

4. Family Strap

Pixie is given a dose of the family strap after getting caught taking money from Susan's purse.

5. Pledge Prank

Pixie thought she’d impress the sorority by pulling pranks during pledge week, but she went too far when egging another student’s car and ruining the paint. Sorority president Beverly is in charge of disciplining Pixie for her actions.

6. Babysitter

Pixie is in big trouble with her Uncle Rad after leaving her young cousins unattended at the pool. Rad delivers a punishment strapping that leaves Pixie in tears.


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