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The Lily Anna Collection

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Running Time: 54 minutes


Lily Anna
Veronica Bound
David Pierson
Ms. Susan





The Lily Anna Collection

1. Spelling Bee

Lily Anna intentionally threw the spelling bee competition so she'd be free to attend big party instead of going to nationals. Her mom and tough coach Susan has no tolerance for such behavior and gives her a hard hairbrush spanking.

2. Boomerang Kid

College graduate, Lily Anna has returned home to live with her parents while looking for work. She has declared herself to be an adult, but when she refuses to lift a finger to help around the house, her dad David shows that she isn't too old to get spanked for her poor attitude.

3. Recanted Statement

In a sudden burst of honesty, Lily Anna recants her entire statement on the stand making a fool of her lawyer and narrowly escaping perjury charges. When she fails to see the seriousness of her actions, Lily's attorney, Ms. Susan, takes her over her lap for a sharp hand spanking.

4. Saturday Detention

Lily Anna is brought to tears from the hard paddling she's given by Principal Pierson in Saturday Detention.

5. Net Governess

After trying to repeatedly hack into her parents' computer web security settings, Lily Anna has managed to summon the Net Governess -- the toughest, hands on net security around. Lily Anna gets taught a tough lesson with the nanny paddle on her bare bottom.

6. Weather Girl

Lily Anna is the news station's worst weather girl. Her reports are half-hearted and wildly inaccurate. The station manager, Veronica, gives Lily a spanking that will have her praying for a cold front to cool her scorched cheeks.

7. Whip Em Out

Lily Anna caused an accident when she flashed another driver and must now remove all her clothes before receiving the belt across her bottom from her mom, Veronica.

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