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Girl Trouble 10
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Running Time: 43 minutes


Lily Anna
Amanda Rose
Sarah Gregory
David Pierson
Beverly Bacci
Veronica Bound
Tina Tink
Rad Finch
Ms. Susan

Girl Trouble 10

1. Cheer Strap

School cheerleaders, Lily Anna & Pixie, played a few pranks --- one of which was trashing a faculty members' car! The girls try to explain they were just having a little pre-homecoming fun, but Mr. Pierson does not see the humor in the whole thing. He has each girl receive the fearsome school strap while the other girl must hold her friend's hands and see what is coming next for them.

2. Manipulation

Sarah has been pitting her parents against one another, manipulating them so that she always gets her way. When Susan and David realize they've been used in this way, David takes control of the situation by taking the brat over his knee for a punishing spanking with leather paddle that leaves Ms. Gregory in tears.

3. Not Muted

It’s too late for apologies when Beverly insults an important client. She must submit to a painful strapping from her boss, Mr. Finch and is pushed to real tears.

4. Student Maid

College student Tina was supposed to be cleaning Ms. Susan's house. But instead of doing any of the housekeeping, she's been very busy sitting on Susan's couch and running up her long distance phone bills. Ms. Susan comes prepared with a hairbrush to spank her maid and let her know that her behaviour needs to change around fast.

5. Kicked Out Of Dorm

Amanda Rose has been kicked out of the college dorm and is less than thrilled with being forced to live back home with her mom, Veronica, again. Veronica is already unhappy with her daughter's behaviour and the snotty attitude is just what it takes to earn Amanda an unexpected trip over her lap.

6. Locker Room

Mischa has been playing pranks on her classmates in the girls’ locker room. Coach Veronica has had enough and takes the naughty naked imp over her lap for a hairbrush spanking



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