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Girl Trouble 12
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Lavender Rayne
David Pierson
Veronica Bound
Michael Diamond
Cassandra Park

Girl Trouble 12

1. Shoplifting

Angelina has been caught stealing make up from a high end department store. She is detained by the store owner, Mr. Pierson, and spanked for shoplifting. Angelina at first refuses to tell Mr. Pierson who the other girl viewed on the security tape assisting in the theft was. But after enduring a blistering punishment, Angelina confesses that Pixie was her accomplice.

2. Let Me Explain

Pixie can’t talk her way out of her punishment for shoplifting with Angelina. Veronica gives her a severe spanking with a wooden hairbrush delivered straight to the bare.

3. The Pout

Lorraine has always been able to get out of trouble with her dad, Michael, by giving him her best pout. But after her third speeding ticket, she isn’t getting away with anything and is taken OTK for a hard hand spanking.

4. Red Card

College scholarship-caliber player, habitual on-field offender Ten, receives one Red Card too many & now risks permanent expulsion, precluding her career. Mom intercedes, and promises an additional spanking before each game as down payment on what she can expect if she acts up on the field again

5. Sexting

Carissa thought she’d sent naughty photos of herself to her boyfriend, but she accidentally texted them to everyone on her contact list, including Dean Park. She is called into the school administrator’s office and spanked in the same sexy lingerie she wore for the photos.

6. Secretarial Discipline

Veronica may get fired, but she won’t take another order from her spoiled brat of a boss, Lavender. She takes the girl over her lap and gives her the spanking she’s long overdue.



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