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The Adventures of Pixie & Lily Anna
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Lily Anna
Veronica Bound
Michael Diamond
David Pierson

The Adventures of Pixie & Lily Anna

1. Sister's Authority

Pixie gleefully spanks Lily Anna for coming home past curfew, but although she was left in charge by Mom, she didn't have the authority to dish out discipline. Lily is granted permission from Mom to spank Pixie in return. She happily takes the opportunity to get revenge.

2. Sneak Out

A double pajama spanking for the bratty sisters from dad, Michael! Lily Anna is in trouble for sneaking out to see her sleazy boyfriend, Snake, and Pixie is punished for trying to cover for her.

3. Forged Notes

Lily & Pixie thought it would be a brilliant idea to forge eachother's disciplinary notices rather than having them signed by their parents. Dean Pierson reviews the notes and isn’t fooled though. And a thin layer of denim offers little protection when he uses the large school paddle to spank the girls.

4. Special Parking

Lily & Pixie are about to be ticketed for parking in a handicapped spot. They whine to Officer Veronica that there were no other spots free and it was cold out so they didn’t want to have to park far away and have to walk. The officere decides to forgo the ticket as she has another disciplinary action that is much better suited for the sniveling brats.

5. Spiked Punch

Lily & Pixie thought it would be funny to liven up the Spring Formal by adding some alcohol to the punch. But Principal Veronica doesn't find the humor in the situation when she has to drive down to deal with the matter. She takes each girl over her knee for a thorough spanking that nether girl will find very amusing.

6. Tennis Rivals

Lily and Pixie are supposed to be tennis teammates. After losing an important match, the girls start arguing over whose fault it was, blaming each other. The argument escalates until the girls are about to get physical. Coach Michael separates the girls and punishes them both.



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