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Girl Trouble 14
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Dia Zerva
Beverly Bacci
Veronica Bound

Lorraine Little

David Pierson
Mike Smith
Juliet Valentina
Amber Wells

Girl Trouble 14

1. Called To Account

Dia's spending habits are out of control and her sister in law, Veronica, is going to see that she is reeled in before she spends all of the family's weath. Stripped of all of her belongings and every stitch of clothing, Dia's lesson begins.

2. The Assistant

Ten misplaced a contract which has cost the spanking video producer, Mike Smith, a major deal. He informs his careless assistant that she'll learn her lesson the same way the models do - with a hard paddling.

3. Lingerie Lesson

Juliet should be studying for finals, but instead she is setting up for a romantic night with her boyfriend. But her plans are cut short when her Aunt Beverly decides she needs a good hairbrush spanking to learn to get her priorities straight.

4. Reality Star

Lorraine is a reality TV star that is out of control. Her spoiled ways and obnoxious behavior in public makes perfect tabloid fodder and is embarrassing the family. David is determined to bring the girl under control by revoking her privileges and giving her a solid spanking.

5. The Wedding Planner

Veronica is the mother of a very unhappy bride. The wedding planner has managed to make several errors which threaten to ruin the bride’s big day. The bride is beside herself and Veronica has promised to straighten it all out – and also straighten out Becca with a good spanking.

6. Discipline Room

Mischa is in trouble at school and is surprised to meet with Ms. Wells, the elementary school disciplinarian about her punishment. She is even more surprised when she’s given the standard elementary school punishment – a spanking!


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