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Discipline In The Home
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Amaya Solace
Veronica Bound

Discipline In The Home
Due to Amaya's chronic poor behavior, Veronica is going to instill some strict discipline in her daughter's life.

1. Bathtime Spanking

Veronica interrupts her daughter's bath to confront her regarding the notice she received about Amaya's truancy. When Amaya replies in a snotty tone and demands her mother leave immediately, Veronica drags her out of the tub and gives her a spanking on her bare wet bottom.

2. Insolence and Consequences

Amaya ignored Veronica's rules and went out despite being grounded. She returns home with a smug, defiant attitude until her mom informs her that she is now to report to her room to receive an old fashioned hairbrush spanking.

3. Offended Neighbor

Veronica has received word at a condo association meeting that Amaya hurled insults at a neigbor. She returns home, pulls the girl out of bed, and paddles her bare bottom.

4. Poor Grades

Amaya's truancy and lack of effort in class show in her report card. Veronica reviews the pathetic grades and then gives Amaya a hand spanking for failing to apply herself.

5. Lesson Learned

Veronica has to pick her daughter up at the police station after she was picked up for under age drinking. Amaya's excuses that it was just a little champagne fall on deaf ears and the girl is bent over and spanked until her round bottom is as red as her party dress.


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