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Discipline At Home & School
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Taylor Rayne
Josh Payne
David Pierson

Discipline At Home & School
Lorraine has moved in with her artist sister Beverly while attending college. She may be free from her parents, but now she is expected to follow Bev's rules.

1. A Call From School

David received a call from Taylor's school reporting that she is now facing expulsion for selling answer keys to fellow students. David has come home from work early to deal with the matter.

2. Meeting With The Headmaster

Headmaster Payne calls Taylor into his office to discuss the matter of her cheating and selling answer keys. He informs her that instead of expulsion, he'll be administering corporal punishment as per David's suggestion. Taylor's already spanked bottom must now endure a stingy spanking with the leather paddle.

3. Smoking In The Woods

Taylor is caught smoking in the woods with classmates during gym class and once again must report to Headmaster Payne's office. While the other girls get off with detention, it's back in position for more tough discipline with a hand spanking for Taylor.

4. Where To Hide

Taylor knows now that if she gets in trouble at school, she's going to be in even more trouble when she gets home and there is no place to hide. In a last ditch attempt to avoid a spanking, she jumps in the shower certain that David won't come for her in there. Much to Taylor's dismay, she is way off the mark and David drags her out for a naked wet bottom spanking.

5. The Assault

Taylor has gone too far and assaulted another student. She is to receive her most embarrassing school spanking yet - a bare bottomed paddling broadcast on the school's network for all to see!

6. Strapped At Home

Taylor swears she's learned her lesson, but David has to make sure her behavior will truly change now. He has her bend over the upstairs railing for punishment with a thick strap that leaves Taylor's bottom glowing with red stripes.


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