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The College Girl and The Nanny
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Alexis Steele
David Pierson
Amber Wells

The College Girl And The Nanny
Audrey can't be trusted to be home alone without causing major trouble. Her dad, David Pierson, hires supernanny, Alexis Steele, to keep the girl in line while he is away on business. But when the nanny fails to live up to expectations, her boss Amber Wells exacts some discipline on her employee.

1. Unexpected Homecoming

Audrey's obnoxious behavior has earned her a spanking and makes David think twice about leaving her alone while he is away on business. As if a spanking followed by corner time wasn't bad enough, Audrey is informed that a nanny will be supervising her while David is away on business.

2. Getting Aquainted

Audrey does not take kindly to having a nanny. What college girl would? She screams for Ms. Steele to leave the house immediately. Having quite enough of Audrey's overgrown temper tantrum, Ms. Steele takes the girl over her lap for an introductory spanking.

3. Attempted Sabotage

Audrey is more determined than ever to get rid of her nanny Alexis. Pretending to be Mrs. Pierson, she places a call to the nanny agency terminating Ms. Steele's services. But when Alexis finds out what's going on, she paddles Audrey's bouncy bottom before bed.

4. Underage Drinking

Alexis receives a call that Audrey took an iced tea bottle full of alcohol with her to classes. Alexis brings her straight home and straps her for drinking on campus underage.

5. Home By Midnight

Dressed in a sexy party attire, Audrey has no clever excuses for why she broke curfew. She is in trouble once more and knows her position over Alexis' knee well by now.

6. Spanking The Nanny

Alexis' boss pays her an on the job visit to discuss Audrey's drinking while under her care. Alexis may be used to being the one to dole out the punishment, but as her boss, Ms. Wells believes it's the nanny herself that is in need of strict discipline.


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