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Prep School Brat
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David Pierson

Prep School Brat
Tara may look innocent, but she is nothing but trouble for Mr. Pierson.

1. Running In The Halls

Tara was running in the halls desperately trying to make it to class on time. When a teacher catches her and tells her to slow down, she calls the woman an unkind name. Tara is immediataely sent to the main office with a disciplinary note where she is introduced to the painful punishments delivered at this prep school.

2. Too Casual

It's casual dress day at the prep school, but Tara takes it too far when she shows up in a tight, low cut, leopard print dress! Tara gives Mr. Pierson attitude when told her outfit is offensive and she is made to bend over the desk to receive a spanking with the leather paddle.

3. Can You Hear Me Now?

Tara is once again sent to Mr. Pierson's office. This time her teacher suspects she has a cell phone on her in class which is not allowed. Of course Tara denies this vehemently, but it's obvious she is lying when her phone begins to ring in the middle of her argument. She has to surrender her phone and take her punishment with the school strap.

4. The Dare

Tara ran through the boy's locker room on a dare and came face to face with the head coach. Her little stunt doesn't seem quite so funny when she is over Mr. Pierson's knee getting her bare bottom spanked.

5. Supply & Demand

Tara thought it would be a great little side business to sell gum and candy in school, undercutting the glee club fundraiser by a few cents to guarantee her sales. Perhaps she had been paying attention in economics class? To improve her profits even more, she sourced her goods by stealing from a local store only to be caught on camera in her school uniform. Rather than get the police involved, Mr. Pierson handles the situation himself and paddles the girl until she is sobbing.



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