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The Strict Coach
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Piper Hill
Veronica Bound

The Strict Coach
Piper's parents have hired a new coach to take their daughter from an average tennis player to a scholarship winning athlete. Veronica Bound is a former champion with a very strict coaching style.

1. The New Coach

Piper does not make a good impression on her new coach when she shows up extremely late to practice and presents with a haughty attitude. Veronica makes an impression of her own when she takes the girl over her lap for a bare bottomed spanking.

2. The Disqualification

Piper is disqualified and not allowed to continue participating in the tennis match after she gives the finger to the umpire. The fiery red head's poor judgement continues in the locker room when she flips off Veronica too! Veronica's response is even stronger than the umpire's as she applies a wooden hairbrush to the bratty girl's backside.

3. Taking A Dive

Piper is undressing and about to head to the showers when Coach Veronica stops her in her tracks. Coach is not at all pleased with the girl's complete lack of effort on the courts and bends her over for a strapping with the belt before allowing her to continue on to the showers.

4. Slacking Off

Piper is struggling to make it through a single set of exercises today. When questioned, she admits that she is too tired to work out after staying out way too late the night before. But no pain, no gain so Veronica gives her an OTK hand spanking and then has her reflect in a core strengthening position.

5. Game Set Match

Piper has committed to going to a big tournament in Chicago but she would rather go to a school dance held the same weekend. When Veronica informs the girl she will need to keep to her commitment, Piper throws a tantrum. Tired of her childish behavior, Veronica spanks Piper with a leather paddle.


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