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The Newlyweds
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Gianna Love

The Newlyweds
Gianna and Tyler are newlyweds who are experiencing some growing pains as they adjust to married life. The biggest issue? Gianna's careless spoiled brat attitude.

1. Shower Interrupted

Tyler returns home after a long shift at the hospital and loses his patience when Gianna refuses to get out of the shower to discuss an important matter. He drags her naked and soaking wet over his knee to have the discussion OTK.

2. School Trip

Absent minded Gianna lost track of her classmates on a school trip after being warned repeatedly to keep up and pay attention. Thoroughly lost in the woods, Tyler comes to her rescue and brings her home. But her relief is short lived as she has earned a strapping for the trouble she caused.

3. Home Economics

Gianna throws a huge fit when she finds out Tyler can't take her out that evening because he has to work. She stomps her little feet which are clad in brand new budget blowing heels drawing Tyler's attention to yet another issue he needs to address. He takes his bratty bride over his knee and delivers a stingy hand spanking and orders her to return the shoes.

4. Girls Wanna Have Fun

Tyler spots Gianna heading out for a night of partying with the girls and reminds her that she has early classes the following day. He is irritated to find out that she plans on skipping her classes in favor of the late night and takes a leather paddle to her backside.

5. Father Knows Best

David pays a surprise visit to Gianna to discuss all of her recent misdeeds. And the best way to discuss matters with a naughty brat like Gianna is with her bare bottomed and OTK.



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