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Nanny Drama
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Gianna Love

Nanny Drama
Although she has no experience with children, Joelle has taken a job as the nanny for David's kids. This is a recipe for disaster since Joelle acts like more of a spoiled brat than her charges.

1. Lost The Kids

Joelle has just started caring for David's two children and made one of the worst mistakes possible - she's lost the kids. While David is able to reassure her that the children are home safe, he must also provide her with the punishment she deserves.

2. Nanny's Lemonade

Joelle was enjoying a few special lemonades at the park with the other neighborhood nannies while the children were on the playground. When David hears that she was drinking on the job, he uses the leather nanny paddle on the nanny!

3. Bad Language

The chidren have gotten in trouble at school for using foul language and David confronts Joelle about watching her tongue in front of them. Joelle suggests the kids have learned them from David himself and quickly finds herself bent over receiving his belt for such backtalk.

4. Bouncing Off The Walls

Joelle fed the children candy and cookies rather than being bothered to cook a wholesome meal and of course the kids are now completely wired on sugar. David orders Joelle to change into her pajamas and gives her a painful hairbrush spanking so she will have one sore bottom for bedtime.

5. Unattended

Young children need constant supervision around a pool so David is furious to find out Joelle has left them unattended. Since she has clearly not learned her lesson about responsibility, David must once again give her a spanking. This time he dangles the errant nanny over his raised knee and gives her a spanking with her tiny bikini bottoms pulled down.




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