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Health Kick
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Joelle Barros
David Pierson

Health Kick
Joelle has decided to go on a major health kick and is determined to change her dad David's bad habits. But she is not as altruistic she appears as Joelle is seeking a little revenge after not being allowed to go on spring break.

1. Green Drink

David returns home after a long day at work to find that Joelle hasn't ordered the Chinese food they'd planned for dinner. Instead she thrusts a green juice smoothie in his hand and after trying just one sip, David is gagging and wheezing.

2. The Clean Out

Joelle takes an even more direct approach to changing David's poor health habits. She throws out his Cuban cigars, tosses his dry aged steaks, and pours nearly all of his liquor down the drain.

3. Cold Shower

Joelle has heard that cold showers are good for one's health so she takes it upon herself to shut off all the hot water to the house. David finds out about this the hard way when he steps into the shower one morning.

4. Just A Sip

Joelle proves herself a total hypocrite when David catches her drinking what's left of his pricey tequila.

5. Dinner Disaster

At a large family dinner, Joelle criticizes many of the attendees for their eating habits causing a very unpleasant atmosphere.


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