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Young Teacher - $30.00

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Young Teacher
Ariel has been caught shoplifting and the new teacher Ms. Sydney is assigned to discipline her in the headmistress' absence. Ms. Sydney is determined to do a good job of providing proper discipline to her student and is following the school handbook to the letter by spanking Ariel every day of the prescribed week long detention. Ariel must be taught the difference between right and wrong ... but has Ms. Sydney ever been taught that lesson?

1. Busted

Ariel was caught shoplifting and in the headmistress’ absence, must take her punishment from young teacher Sydney. Her hands are first strapped followed by a handspanking on her bare bottom.

2. Being Firm

Ms Sydney continues to read the school discipline handbook and realizes that she was far too lenient in punishing Ariel. When Ariel reports for her second day of detention, Ms. Sydney has her remove her uniform to endure an additional spanking for shoplifting

3. Late To Detention

Ariel casually walks into detention 15 minutes late. Clearly she is not taking her punishment seriously enough and Ms. Sydney has to send an even tougher message.

4. Straight To The Strap

Ms. Sydney is not going to waste any time today and has Ariel bend over to receive the leather strap without delay.

5. Language Lesson

When Ariel is asked what she learned from her painful week long detention so far, she replies with vulgarity. Clearly she hasn't learned quite enough so Ms. Sydney must teach her a lesson about the use of dirty words.

6. Tables Turned

Ariel has done her research and discovered that Ms. Sydney doesn't have the most angelic past. She herself was once caught shoplifting and Ariel is going to personally see to it that Ms. Sydney is properly punished.


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