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Divorced Diva - $30.00

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Ms. Pandora
David Pierson

Divorced Diva
Audrey recently divorced and has moved in with her friend Pandora until she can get on her feet. But since Audrey has always been pampered by her wealthy ex, she's finding it difficult to cope with real world responsibilities. Pandora has to use tough love discipline to help Audrey learn her lesson --- just as Pandora was taught by her own ex-husband, David.

1. No Maid Service

Ms.Pandora is letting Audrey stay with her while she gets on her feet after a recent divorce. But when Audrey can’t even manage to pick up after herself, Ms. Pandora realizes she is going to have to show this divorced diva some tough love.

2. Sunbathing

Pandora was horrified to find Audrey sunbathing nude on her back deck in view of the neighbors. She drags her inside and spanks her immediately before she even has a chance to get dressed.

3. Emergency Fund

Pandora used the money in her emergency funds account set up by her ex-husband to buy a fancy dress. Her ex, David, comes over under the guise of a little romance but then spanks her for the careless spending.

4. Cost Of Living

Audrey has no idea what it’s like to have to worry about the cost of living since she had always been cared for by her wealthy husband. Now that she is divorced, her friend and mentor Pandora is going to have to teach her that careless spending leads to painful consequences.

5. Job Search

Audrey claims she is filling out online job applications but Pandora catches her red handed playing silly computer games instead! She's clearly not taking things seriously and is in need over another trip over Pandora's knee.

6. Car Trouble

The good news is Audrey went on a job interview. The bad news is she took Pandora's car to drive there and managed to damage it. Pandora uses the nanny paddle on Audrey's round bottom and then declares their living arrangements to be over.


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