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Six Scenes of Spanking - $30.00

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Michael Valentine
David Pierson

Six Scenes of Spanking
Six classic style spanking scenes featuring Adriana, Audrey, Michael Valentine, and David Pierson

1. College Girl

Michael has received all kinds of bad reports about his daughter Audrey while she's been away at college. There is only one way to deal with her misbehavior and that is an over the knee hand spanking.

2. Cheeleader Lies 1

Adriana lied to her mother claiming she was at cheerleader practie when she was really hanging out with her no good boyfriend, Scott. When her mother catches her fibbing, she gives her an OTK hand spanking followed by a hard hairbrush spanking given standing up.

3. Cheerleader Lies 2

Adriana made the mistake of being disrespectful to her mother during her punishment and now must face her father. She is spanked on her already sore bare bottom.

4. Spanked At School

Adriana has been bullying some other girls by posting inappropriate pictures of them on the internet. Ms. Audrey makes sure to teach her student a painful lesson about how to treat fellow classmates.

5. Strapped Before Bed

Adriana was caught sneaking out of the house while grounded. She is strapped by both her parents right on the open bottom of her drop seat pajamas.

6. Overheard

Audrey overheard her daughter Adriana speaking disrespectfully about her on the phone. She wastes no time in disciplining her and takes puts her OTK on the spot.



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